The stupidest name for a radio product ever.

by Dave Dworkin, owner of Radio Mall

Time and Space Travel - What would you think the product is? Something sci-fi? That would be a logical assumption, Mr. Spock. Time and Space Travel would be a great name for a sci-fi product. Isn't it really STUPID to give a product this name if it has nothing to do with sci-fi?

True, this CD does transport the listener to different times and different places. But it doesn't send them into the future or even the Delta quadrant. If anything, it takes them to the past. From medieval times to an old western saloon to ragtime and player pianos from the 1890s...on to the Charleston era of the 1920's...into Ballroom, Big Band and Swing in the '40s. There's plenty of sock-hop, and doo-wop of the Fifties, and beach party, British beats, and surf music from the '60s. So much for Time. What about Space?

Your listeners will be whisked to the Caribbean, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Orleans, Russia, Spain. You also get tracks for a baseball game, boating, gospel church music, and a piano bar.

Now why would you want this kind of music? For commercials, of course. The obvious clients are ethnic restaurants, travel agencies, airlines, dance schools, nightclubs, and Renaissance festivals. But the real beauty of this collection is the not-so-obvious use: Idea-starters for copywriters. Let me give you an example. You have a client that provides high speed internet access. You start with a track from the 1920s as the voice-over says, "Still using dial-up?" Then shift to something modern for the remainder of the spot. The morning show could have a field day with this as well.

Is less really more?

I don't know. But I do know that boring radio commercials are a tune-out, whether they're :30 or :60. Interesting radio commercials hold the listener's attention and also increase the sponsor's results, which makes the sponsor more likely to make a repeat buy. Everybody wins. Time and Space Travel has a really stupid name for a really smart product that can help make your commercials more entertaining, effective, and most importantly: listen-able.

What jerk named this?

Well, you'd have to think it was a total idiot, right? Actually not. He is normally one of radio's brightest minds: Dan O'Day. Dan travels all over the world conducting radio seminars. Even great minds have a bad day, and the day Dan O'Day named this must have been Dan's Off-Day. I've told him this to his face. I said, "Dan - this is a great product that I honestly think every radio station that runs commercials should have. It was a major mistake for you to name it 'Time and Space Travel.'"

Dan responds: "Dave, you've solved one of the great mysteries of my life: Why one of my all-time favorite products doesn't sell anywhere as well as I expected. I'm very proud of TIME & SPACE TRAVEL, which I produced; it's exactly the kind of tool I wish I'd had when I was a Production Director. And the people who have bought it have raved over it. But....I gave it a lousy title. Maybe 'Time and PLACE Travel' would have been better. Or maybe I should have had it named by someone who's a lot better than I am at creating product names. Bottom Line: I screwed up on the title.

"That single CD has so much personality and vitality that I feel I've done it a great disservice. Now that it's stuck with that idiotic name, all I can do is hope that people listen to the free online demo and discover what a treasure it really is."

Dave says: Agreed. Click here for the demo so you know what you're buying. Then click here to order. There's a 60-day money-back guarantee. This product is sold as a buyout for local radio airplay only.