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100% royalty-free production music with 

NO BMI/ASCAP/SESAC fees! That means they can be used in YouTube videos, as well as Radio and TV use. 

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When it comes to your production music, there is no substitute for live recordings. Quixotic Music Productions enlisted the talents of scores of musicians to compile this collection of original live production music beds designed specifically for television and radio advertising. With thirty different styles of music, the Quixotic Production Music Library is sure to fulfill even the most discriminating needs.

Each music disc has two categories of musical styles. There are 10 Selections of each musical style with a :60, :30, and :15 for each.  60 total tracks per disc. Disc #15 isn't music, but 94 sound effects.

Disk 1: Classic Rock/Heavy Metal -  Aggressive rock and driving Heavy Metal make for a power hitting action CD.  Great for sports or promo spots!  Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 2: Jazz/Blues - Smooth jazz complete with live horns, guitar, upright bass and trap kits with brushes. Top notch blues guitarists were brought in to complete the blues selections on this disk. Live club/jam feel. Track listings:  Demo:  

Disk 3: R&B/Hip Hop -
R&B with soul and an attitude followed by slammin' Hip Hop grooves. Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 4: Public Service/News - Talk - Lifestyle ads with warmth and poignancy in the first half... News related - bold and informative themes for the second half. Perfect for use behind a wide range of announcements or introductions.  Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 5: New Age/Amazement & Wonder - Eclectic soundscapes and soaring dreamlike images.  Track listings:   Demo: 

Disk 6: Country/'50s & '60s Rock - From a hoe down to the prom. This disc conjures up everything from heartland Americana to memories of black and white TV shows of the fifties.   Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 7: Acoustic Guitar/Solo Piano - From solo jazz guitar to toe tapping back porch melodies on the first 10 cuts. The 2nd half features solo piano performances on a Steinway Grand.  Track listings:   Demo: 

Disk 8: Modern Alternative/Industrial Rock - Looking for an extreme image? Crunchy, hard hitting alternative music and over the top industrial music. Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 9: Drama/Suspense - Dramatic, expansive, lush and filmic. Immerse yourself in the moment. Effective underscores to create the right mood. Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 10: Election & Campaign/Patriotic The first ten selections evoke feelings of spirit, pride, greatness, and hope. The next ten selections are favorite American patriotic songs.  Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 11: Pop/Adult Contemporary - A little bubblegum and a lot of verve.  Track listings:   Demo: 

Disk 12: Calm & Peaceful/Light Mood - Exactly what the titles state; calm and peacefully light moods. Track listings:   Demo: 

Disk 13: Bluegrass/Folk  - A good slice of Americana, represented by more than four groups of true folk and bluegrass.  Track listings:   Demo:

Disk 14: Reggae/Latin Percussion  - Various reggae style underscores on the first half of this CD. Plus traditional Latin percussion & drums on the latter half of the disc. Track listings:   Demo:

Disc 15: Ninety-four genuine sound effects.  Track listings:

Disk 16: Techno Disco  - This disc screams high fashion, flesh and flash. Bell-bottoms and disco ball not included. Track listings:   Demo:  

Sorry but Quixotic is not available in Japan. 

As always, it's backed by Radio Mall's 60-day money-back guarantee!
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