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Buy-Out Production Music

Yep, it's all buy-out music (that's the only kind of music WE sell!) It's all on audio compact disc and it's all covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee! Click on the product name to go to the page with the demo and track listings.

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Quixotic MusicTM - Choose the discs by the musical style you need.  Buy any single audio CD for $49. Or get all 16 for $299. Download any Volume for $39 or all 16 for $149.

The ExcelleratorTM - 120 Sixty and thirty-second music beds ranging from high energy sports to rock, blues and ballads. Ideal for Rock radio stations. On two audio CDs for $79 or $49 via download.

Music Man 97TM - 82 tracks of buy-out music on audio CD for $39 or only $29 via download.

Music Man 98TM - 72 tracks of Buyout commercial production music on audio CD for $39 or only $29 via download.

O'Connor Country Production Library - 5 CDs. 100% real instruments! Produced by Bob Piper using top Nashville and Dallas musicians. $89 for all 5 CDs or $49 via download.

Urban JamsTM - 80 tracks of music beds, promo beds and effects for today's Urban stations - $39 on CD or $29 via download. 

Programming Tools - 37 cuts, including news opens, weather beds, sports themes, show bumpers, traffic beds and much more! $99 - from GMI Media Group. On audio CD for $49 or only $39 via download. 

2,432 Production Elements - sound effects and commercial music beds pre-loaded to a flash drive for $449 or just $299 via download. Over $1000 original retail value when on 24CDs

The AppleTM - Production music from the 70's. Great for novelty use. 10 discs for only $199 or $149 for 15 volumes via download.

Dork-A-PellasTM - 99 Crazy jingles and drops for only $99 This one is a buy-out for local use only.

Dork-A-Pellas - Volume Too!TM - 99 MORE crazy tracks for $99! 

Just 30's - 198 thirty-second music beds on 2 CDs - $99

Just 60's - 132 sixty-second music beds on 2 CDs - $99

Production Garden Xmas - 165 Buy-out Christmas/Holiday Tracks on 2 CDs. $99.50 per CD or both for $159.

Time & Space TravelTM - 99 music beds from different times and different places on CD for only $99!  

123 Buy-out Holiday/Christmas - production music/sound effects.  Now only $49 on CD or $39 for the download

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Radio Mall, 2412 Unity Ave N, Dept. WEB, Minneapolis, MN 55422 USA.
763-522-6256 or 800-759-4561     info@radio-mall.com