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Music Man 97, (also known as Music Man Volume 1) from Music Man Studios, is a collection of 82 music beds for commercial production. For the first 35 themes, you get a :30 and a :60 length version of each musical theme. The track listings show you not only the style of music, but the beats per minute as well.  The remaining 12 tracks are shorter themes and ID Beds. There's a wide variety of contemporary music styles, including Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and Funk.

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Track, Title, Style, Beats per minute

1,2 Funky Junk Funk Guitar-110

3,4 Miami heater Dance

5,6 Boot Hill Western Country-112

7,8 Slam Jam Guitar Rock -140

9,10 Kool Cat Slow Jazz-62

11,12 Dueling Banjos Bluegrass-140

13,14 Country Cream Country-124

15,16 Locomotion Guitar Rock-128

17,18 Walkin' Acoustic Guitar-96

19,20 Motivation Rock Guitar-128

21,22 Soothing Sax Slow Hip Hop-100

23,24 Majestic Easy Listening-115

25,26 Pickin'Bluegrass-140

27,28 Techno Nurd Tech Dance-160

29,30 Mesmerized Acoustic Guitar-64

31,32 Jazzy jester Upbeat Jazz-220

33,34 Inspired Upbeat Blues-115

35,36 Country Cousins country-110

37,38 Nasty Guitar rock-123

39,40 Weeping Slow Guitar rock-69

41,42 March On Easy Pop-110

43,44 Dancing Duck Dance Pop-140

45,46 Steady Ahead Pop Guitar-120

47,48 Filibuster blues Rock-160

49,50 Angels Only Slow Pop-85

51,52 Kickin' Country-115

53,54 Jive On shaft Funk-114

55,56 Bad Boogie Boogie Woogie Rock-160

57,58 Victory Acoustic Guitar-85

59,60 Lone Star Rag Western Country-128

61,62 Melting Pot Guitar Rock-120

63,64 Inferno Dance Pop-132

65,66 Feedback Guitar Rock-96

67,68 Rollin' On Guitar Rock-126

69,70 Her Majesty Easy Pop-115

71 Electricity Guitar Rock-97 :11

72 Country Walkin' country-104 :10

73 Dancing Queen Dance Pop-115 :20

74 Drivin' Easy Pop-57 :15

75 Space Funk Funk-110 :15

76 Heat Guitar rock-104 :15

77-82 Station ID Beds (:15,10,15,11,20,5)

Tracks 1-70 contain 35 beds each in a 30 & 60 second format. Tracks 71-76 lengths indicated at right of tempo.

Tracks 77-82 are station ID beds, Lengths at right in parenthesis. Copyright 1997. Dave Dworkin's Radio Mall.

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