How do we gather and maintain the data?

Every business day our database manager, Scott Gilbert, spends the first 3-4 hours of his day reading various email newsletters and visiting various Radio and TV-Related web sites.  Then he starts calling stations for clarifications and confirmation, as needed. As Radio Mall email blasts in-house and for hire, we regularly send Scott the failed addresses to clean up. In addition to information from online sources, Radio Mall has a substantial client base and many of them are kind enough to let us know when they find changes, whether it be a postal address, an email address, a personnel change, a format change, etc. Radio Mall has sold products to over 7,800 radio stations, so when an order comes in, the first thing I do is look up the station in our database. I'm happy to say that most of the time, the information on the order form matches what we have in the database. If there is a discrepancy, Scott will immediately call and do a full verification of all the stations at that location.

All of the above are done on a regular basis,  but that's not the whole story. From time to time, we compare our data with other sources, some of which are confidential.  We use Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron) data for determining the size of a market. When Nielsen changes its market size ranking, we change ours, too. Once a month, we run our data against Mailers+4 software which scrubs the data by verifying and correcting delivery address elements against the USPS database.

Dave Dworkin - Owner.