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All of our products are sold as a buy-out. Click on the product name for details and online demos.

630 Sound Effects on 4 CD€™s. $99 (needs an indexing CD player)

Re-mastered 630 Sound Effects. 509 sound effects with no indexing needed and only $79

The Crazies Re-mastered 3-CD set - $59 (no indexing needed)  

The Excellerator 2-CD rock production music.  $99 

Future FX Vol. 1  Modern Production effects.  Statics, blips, etc. 1 CD $59  

Future FX Vol. 2 - 224 modern effects and listener drops for $99

Future FX Vol. 3. Each effect has it's own track. 99 effects for $99.

Future FX Vol. 4. Each effect has it's own track. 99 effects for $99.

Future FX Vol. 5  99 short modern production effects for $49.

Insomnia FX on CDR or  DVD. Over 460 beds, effects and vocal drops in .wav and MP3 format for $99-109.

Lazer Impact Plus Production effects. 1 CD  $99

Lazer Impact Classic 1 CD $99 

Music Man 97  Broadcast-length commercial production music. 1 CD $39 

Music Man 98  1 CD $39

O'Connor Country 5-CD Country Production Music. Real instruments! $89

O'Connor Holiday Tracks  1 CD Retail $69  

The PowerDisc Production effects. 1 CD - $99

Programming Tools for News, Weather & Sports features. 1 CD  $99...or $49 with any other purchase

The SFX Toolkit® - 99 general lifestyle/work/home sound effects- $39.95

Sonic InfuzionTM -  99 effects and beat beds on one audio CD. Special "ripping" track at end. - $99.

Sonic InfuzionTM Vol. 2 - 99 modern production effects and beds for $99. Shorter effects, longer pads and drones; & :30 beat beds.

Sonic InfuzionTM Vol. 3 - 99 modern production effects and beds for $99

Urban Jams  1 CD $39

Zings, Zaps & Zoodads Production effects. 1 CD - $34  

Production Package:  All of the above items for $1799. 

Let us know which versions of 630 Sound Effects and Insomnia FX you prefer. Phone 800-759-4561 to order.

A database of commercial US radio stations, starting at $649.

A database of non-commercial US radio stations, starting at $349.

Databases for USTV $349 each!

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