What is an indexing CD player?

All CD players can find up to 99 tracks. Some CD players have an "INDEX" button which allows you to find tracks WITHIN tracks. This collection has been recorded with more than one effect per track. If you don't have the index button on your CD player, you can still play every effect, but cueing will be difficult. For example, the effect you want might be the fifth index on track number 7. You'd have to go to track 7 and let the CD play through 4 other effects before you get to the one you want. Even then, it would be hard to cue the effect unless you have a cueing wheel. If you don't have an index button OR a cueing wheel, we don't think you'd be happy with the extra work required to use this collection. A better alternative would be our collection of 509 sound effects on 5 audio CDs. For Comedy and Cartoon effects, try the O'Connor Crazies now on three CDs. For imaging effects, we have a number of choices:

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Sonic Infuzion Vol. 3 TM - 99 modern production effects and beds.  Sixty-six Transitions/Quick FX, Pads/Drones/Noise Floors from 1 to 20 seconds. Plus 33 Beat-Beds about 30 seconds long.

Sonic Infuzion Vol. 2 TM - 99 modern production effects and beds. Shorter effects, longer pads and drones; and thirty-second beat beds.

Sonic InfuzionTM - 99 effects and beat beds on one audio CD. Special "ripping" track at end. Bundle this with Future FX Vol. 5 for a discount

Future FX Production Disc Vol. 1  - 90 tracks. Cool sounding beeps, rewinds, touch tones and listener testimonials. From Jimmy Ocean "Fish."

Future FX Vol. 2 - 224 bleeps, lasers, drones, separators, and listener drops on CD. 

Package Deal: Future FX Volumes 1 & 2  

Future FX Volumes 3 & 4 - Starters, separators, hits, static, textures.

Future FX Vol. 5 - 99 short modern production effects on 1 audio CD.

Package Deal - Future FX Volumes 1-5.  

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