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Future FX Imaging elements on audio CD

Future FX Production  Volume 5 - Short modern production effects for $49 on CD or $39 via download

Click here for the demo!

Complete track listings are below!

The CD ships free in the U.S.  

Future FX Vol. 5, created by Fish of Radioimaging, is filled with 99 tracks of cool sounding bleeps, separators, starters, rewinds, explosions, scratches and record manipulations, drones, textures, and sounds we don't have a name for. 

  For more info on the other CDs: Vol.1   Vol.2   Vol. 3 & 4

It's a BUY-OUT with no license fees or usage charges.

As always, it's backed by Radio Mall's 60-day money-back guarantee!

To buy it online with a credit card, click below.  You'll enter your card number on  a secured server using 128 bit SSL encryption!

Future FX Volume 5 on CD for $49

Future FX Volume 5 via download for $39

Future FX Volumes 1-5 on audio CDs for $199

Future FX Volumes 1-5 via download for $149

If you're done shopping, or would like to review your order, click here.

Use your credit card or send a check or money order to Radio Mall, 2412 Unity Ave. N., Dept. FUT5W, Minneapolis, MN, 55422, USA. MN residents, please add sales tax. All payments must be in U.S. funds. Foreign orders, please add $15 shipping for 1 or 2 CDs; $20 for 4 CDs; or $25 for all 5 CDs. Free shipping for CDs in the U.S. and no shipping charges on downloads.

(verified members only)

For credit card orders, phone 763-522-6256 or 800-759-4561

For PayPal instructions, click here:

Complete Track Listings:

  1. separator-beep/hit-:01

  2. separator-digi stutter/white noize-:01

  3. starter-missile drop-:03

  4. starter-bleep/texture-:04

  5. separator-record stop/hit/-:03

  6. separator-bleeps-:02

  7. separator-beeps/phone-:02

  8. separator-rew/zaps-:02

  9. separator-digi fx-:02

10. starter-white noise bursts/explosion/radio tune-:06

11. starter-static bursts/zip up/hit

12. separator-hit/hit/digi fx-:02

13. separator-beeps/radio tune-:03

14. separator-zip-bleeps-:02

15. starter-lasers/hit-:04

16. separator-zip/bleeps-:02

17. separator-zip up-:02

18. starter-bleeps/white noise/beep texture :07

19. separator-radio tune freak out-:02

20. starter-digi fx/scratch/hit/texture drone-:10

21. starter-hit :03

22. zip down-:03

23. separator-bleeps-:02

24. separator-radio tune-:03

25. separator-reverse quick hit-:01

26. starter-digi stutter/radio tune/white noise slow down-:12

27. separator-radio tune/laser stutter-:01

28. separator-quick/laser esc-:01

29. separator-zappy-:03

30. separator-zip/white noise-:02

31. starter-zip down-:02

32. separator-laser/digi fx-:03

33. starter-laser/hit drone text-:04

34. starter-white noise slow down-:05

35. separator-electric zap/radio tune text-:04

36. starter-digi stutter/zip up-:03

37. lasers/hit/radio tune text/old record pops-:13

38. separator-digi fx/beats/verb out-:06

39. separator-quick slow down-:03

40. separator-quick bleeps zip-:02

41. separator-white noise static/bleeps-:02

42. starter-hit missile down-:03

43. starter-beeps/white noise slow down-:08

44. separator-bleeps hard hit-:03

45. separator-bleeps/digi skratch-:02

46. separator-bleeps/hit/rev hit-:05

47. separator-bleeps/text/zap-:04

48. separator-bleeps/zip up-:03

49. separator-hit/radio freak out-:03

50. separator-white noise/hit-:04

51. separator-bleeps/rip-:04

52. separator-bleeps/rip-:02

53. separator-rewind/bleeps/hit-:04

54. separator-quick/laser/white noise-:01

55. starter-beeps/hit/weird loop texture-:04

56. separator-dark reverse/digi fx-:02

57. rewind-:02

58. record scratch-:02

59. record quick scratch-:02

60. separator-scratch/digi wind down quick-:02

61. starter-attack/beeps/hit-:04

62. separator-hit/bleeps/dig stutter-:02

63. separator-digi chatter-:02

64. separator-quick bleeps/static-:02

65. separator-quick turn table stop-:02

66. separator-digi stutter-:02

67. separator-wind down/verbed-:04

68. starter-scratch/zap/hit-:04

69. separator-bursts/digi stutter/zap-:03

70. starter-white noise/stutter/mystic pad-:17

71. starter-stutter/white noise hit-:05

72. separator-quick digi chatter-:02

73. separator-digi chatter/bleeps/hit/zap out-:06

74. separator-white noise/laser down-:03

75. starter-bleeps/phasing pulse fast ticker-:04

76. separator-2 quick stops-:01

77. starter-texture/beeps/white noise-:03

78. separator-digi fx/white noise-:02

79. separator-digi chatter-:02

80. starter-white noise/static/hit/feedback-:03

81. separator-white noise/hit stutter/beat stop-:02

82. separator-bleeps/missile hit-:04

83. separator-stutter/rewind-:02

84. separator-white noise/laser/hit-:03

85. separator-laser zap-:02

86. starter-beep/hit/beep texture-:04

87. separator-rewind/bleeps/rewind-:02

88. starter-attack/bleep/hit/warning beeper-:02

89. starter-bleep-:02

90. separator-digi chatter-:02

91. separator-quick hit bleep-:02

92. sep quick/hit/white/bleep-:02

93. separator-suck in/lasers-:02

94. separator-rewind/tune/laser-:03

95. starter-wind down-:05

96. starter/digi stutter/texture-:06

97. separator-quick machine gun-:01

98. separator-quick digi fx-:02

99. starter-quick digi fx/spacey howl-:04


\A9 Dave Dworkin's Radio Mall.  All rights reserved. Produced by Fish at radioimaging.

Vol.1   Vol.2   Vol. 3 & 4  Vol. 5

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