Radio Mall email instructions

1. Please email me what you'd like to send out in plain text or .html. Please don't send it to me until it is the final draft. You can use Wordpad or an .html editor to design your piece. If possible avoid using Microsoft Word as it creates a ton of excess code. If you wish to include graphics/logos, bear in mind that up to 60 % of email recipients block images.
No matter which method you choose, stay away from lines in all CAPITAL letters. Too many of them will trigger the filters.
2. In the subject line of your email to me, please print what you'd like in the subject line of the email you want me to send.
3. When the stations receive the email, it will appear to have been sent by us. 
4. We prefer that you make any changes before sending us the copy, but we must receive final revisions by 3 p.m. on the day before the campaign.
5. Call me at 800-759-4561 or 763-522-6256 and make the payment and schedule when you'd like your email sent. We can only do one email campaign a week, so it's done on a "first-paid, first-served basis. We normally do these early Tuesday afternoons for the highest "open" rates.

If you get a specific request to remove a station from our email list, please forward it to:
changes (at)  

Legalities: We are not lawyers, but our understanding of the CAN-SPAM act is that all unsolicited email ads must comply with the following:
1: You must provide a valid return email address.
2. The subject line of your email must make it clear that the email is an ad.
3. Your mailing address must appear in the email. PO Boxes are now acceptable.
4. You must provide an easy way for the person to be removed from your email list.  The system we currently use will take care of this for you.

Use of images in .html: To use an image, the image MUST be posted to a web site. If it is only a single image, we can do this for you at no charge. For more than one image, please embed the full URL of the image in your .html. Here's an example:
<img src="" width="467" height="59" />
We will do what we can to get your email through, but SPAM filters are better than ever. 10-20% of the campaign may be blocked by these filters. That being said, most of our email campaigns are for repeat customers.

Our Email Service Provider has requested changes in the way we send email for other companies. They now require that we use our return email address and company identity on all email we send. So the email will appear to come from Dave(at) with the email identity listed as Radio Mall. Because of this, it is important that you include your email address in the body copy. Our ESP is also requiring that the top line of the copy says something to the effect of "This message is delivered by Radio Mall on behalf of (your company). To opt-out just click here." Those requests will be forwarded to us and we will manage them. We are also limiting the email categories to three email addresses per station, such as Program Director, General Manager, Production Director, etc. We can't include a file attachment but that is probably a good thing as people who don't know you may refuse to open it.

We will do what we can to get your email through, including a test which measures your SPAM score, but SPAM filters are better than ever and some campaigns suffer from throughput as low as 82%. That being said, most of our email campaigns are for repeat customers.

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