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The '70s Are Back!
And we've got the original library of '70s production music!
The Apple Music Library from O'Connor Productions.
10 compact discs for only $199!.
Or 15 volumes via download for $149
All downloads are lossless uncompressed .wav files
Click here for the MP3 demo.   
Click here for the track listings for Special Production Music 1-5 
Click here for the track listings for Special Production Music 1-12*  
Free shipping in the U.S.!

Commercial music beds and tracks for IDs, News, Contests, Tags, Stingers, Promos, Logos and Foreign Music Beds.   Remember, this collection (originally called, "The Producer") was made in the `70s so you're sure to hear a wah-wah pedal, and even a moog!

Radio World says, "With this newfound interest in everything `70s, it may be likely that production directors everywhere are cursing themselves today for throwing out their cheesy vinyl music libraries during the mid-`80s, believing wholeheartedly, 'we'll never use this music again.' Never fear, because O'Connor Creative Services is back to save the day. The Apple library is all original material from the `70s. Hence, the horns, the strings, the drums are the real thing.  This collection is so full of gooey wholesome goodness." 

You get up to10 volumes of commercial production music, with :60s, 30s, :10s and alternative mixouts.

You get up to 5 more volumes of "Special" Production Music, with an incredible variety of work parts.

Please note: The original set included 17 discs, so you will get track listings for discs that are now out-of-print, but we guarantee you will receive at least 10 playable discs for $199 or 15 playable volumes via download for $149.

If you're looking for a flash-back to the days of disco and the "wacka-wacka" guitars, The Apple is made for!

To order the 15 volumes of the Apple via download for $149, click here.

To order the Apple on 10 audio CDs for $199, click here.

If you're done shopping, or would like to review your order, click here.