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Production Garden Xmas - 165 Buy-out Christmas/Holiday Tracks on 2 CDs. $99.50 per audio CD or both for $159.

123 Buy-out Holiday/Christmas - production music/sound effects.  Now only $49 on CD or $39 for the download

Christmas Deluxe - 635 Christmas Songs from 1942 to 2014, uncompressed .wav files on a flash drive for $399. From 1942 to 2014 (from Bing to Buble). From Radio Deluxe.

Apple Commercial Production Music from the 70s. 15 volumes via download for $149. They don't make them like this anymore.  Full instrumentation. Wak-uh wak-uh guitars. Big Brass sounds and foreign themes that are timeless.

O'Connor Country Production Library - 216 Commercial Music Beds on 5 CDs for $89 or via download for $49. 100% real instruments with no synthethizer at all.

The ExcelleratorTM 120 Rock & High Energy Music Beds on 2 CDs for $79 or via download for $49. There's a :30 and :60 second version for each musical theme.

Lazer Impact PLUSTM  - 120 effects on audio CD for $49 or buy the download for only $39. Lazers, explosions, touch-tones, stagers, swooshes, explosions, sweepers and more.

Insomnia FX - More than 460 cuts in .wav and/or MP3 format. Includes effects, music beds, liners, vocal drops, stations promos and production elements. $79 - or $59 via download.

509 Digital Sound Effects on 5 audio CDs for only $79  or via download for $69.
People (activity and reaction), Weather, Transportation, Sports, Animals, Transportation, etc.

Every CD we sell has a 60-day money-back guarantee!   Click on the product name for the online DEMO! 

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Compact disc image Production Effects (Lasers, Stingers, Sweepers, Jingles, Etc.) Compact disc image

PowerDisc TM - 120 musical stagers, sweepers, sound designer elements, bumpers, stingers, and instrumental production effects for $49 on CD or $39 via download.

Lazer Impact Plus TM - 122 Powerful production work parts. Sure, there's a ton of Lasers, but there's also explosions, touch-tone effects, stagers, swooshes, music pads and transitionals. $49 on CD or $39 via download.

Lazer Impact CLASSICTM - 110 lasers, explosions, touch-tones, stagers, swooshes.  $49...or $39 via download

120 Zings, Zaps and ZoodadsTM - 90 sounders, stingers, lasers and 30 fully-produced promo beds from Dave Foxx of Z-100 on audio CD for $34 or only $29 via download 

POWER PACK Special: All 4 of the above discs - was $276, now just $149...or $99 via download

G-Drive2,432 production elements, real sound effects, and commercial music beds on pre-loaded to a flash drive.  Over $1,000 original retail value. Now just $449 or $299 via download!
Insomnia FXTM - Over 460 production elements in .wav and MP3 format. Available on CD-R (MP3 only), DVD. or via download. $59-$79  

Sonic Infuzion Volume 1TM  - 99 effects and beat beds for $49 on CD or $39 via download. Special "ripping" track at end.a

Sonic Infuzion Volume 2TM - 99 modern production effects and beds for $49 on CD or $39 via download.. Shorter effects, longer pads and drones; & :30 beat beds.
Sonic Infuzion Volume 3TM - 99 modern production effects and beds for $49on CD or $39 via download. Sixty-six Transitions/Quick FX, Pads/Drones/Noise Floors from 1 to 20 seconds. Plus 33 Beat-Beds about 30 seconds long. 
Future FX Production Disc Volume. 1 - 90 cool sounding beeps, rewinds, touch-tones and listener testimonials. From Jimmy Ocean "Fish."  $49 on CD or $39 via download
Future FX Volume 2 - 224 bleeps, lasers, drones, separators, and listener drops on CD for $49 or $39 via download.
Future FX Volumes 3 & 4 - $49 each or $39 via download.
Future FX Volume 5 - 99 short modern production effects for $49 on 1 audio CD or $39 via download.
Package Deal - Future FX Volumes 1-5 for $199 on CD or $149 via download. 
Programming ToolsTM- 37 cuts, including news opens, weather beds, sports themes, show bumpers, traffic beds and much more! $49 or $39 via download.       
Air Assault - 240 Production Elements on CD. From the Production Garden. $99. 
Cheap Radio ThrillsTM - The infamous collection from L.A. Air Force -3 CDs for only $99.
Dork-A-PellasTM - 99 Crazy jingles and drops for only $99. A buy-out for local use only.
More Production Effects If you still haven't found what you're looking for!

Sound effects on CD Sound EffectsSound Effects on CD           

509 Digital Sound Effects  - We've re-mastered O'Connor's sound effects library into a new 5-CD set that doesn't require an indexing CD player - $79 or $69 via download
The O'Connor CraziesTM on three CDs - 301 Hilarious comedy & cartoon sound effects, re-mastered, so an indexing player is no longer needed - $59 on CD or $49 via download.
The SFX ToolkitTM - 99 general lifestyle/work/home sound effects. $39.95... or $1 with 630 Sound effects. 

2,432 Sound Effects - Commercial Music Beds, & Production Elements pre-loaded on your hard drive for only $499 or CDs for $699.

Gateway 427 Sound Effects on 5 audio CDs. was $ only $39.

More Sound Effects  If you still haven't found what you're looking for!

Production Music on CD Buy-Out Production Music Production Music on CD

Yep, it's all buy-out music (that's the ONLY kind of music WE sell!) It's all on audio compact discs and it's all covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee!
Quixotic MusicTM - 100% royalty-free. No BMI or ASCAP fees. Choose the discs by the musical style you need.  Buy any single disc for $39.  Get any four for only $99.  Get 8 for $169.  Get all 16 for $299.
The Apple - Production music from the 70's. Great for novelty use. 10 discs for only $199 or 15 Volumes via download for $149. 100% Royalty-free.
The Excellerator TM 120 :60 and :30 beds on 2 CDs. High energy sports to rock, blues and ballads.  $79 on CD or $49 via download
Just :30s -  198 30-second music beds on 2 CDs - $99. From L.A. Air Force.
Just :60s - 132 60-second music beds on 2 CDs - $99. From L.A. Air Force.
Music Man 98TM - 72 tracks of buy-out commercial production music on audio compact disc. Was $49.50...Now only $39 on CD or $29 via download.
O'Connor Country Production Library - 5 CDs. 100% real instruments!  Only $89 for all 5 CDs.
Programming ToolsTM - 37 cuts, including news opens, weather beds, sports themes, show bumpers, traffic beds and much more! $99. Or $49 with any other purchase!
Time & Space TravelTM - Stupid name for a GREAT product. 99 music beds from different times and different places on CD for only $99.
Urban JamsTM - 80 tracks of music beds, promo beds and effects for today's Urban stations - Was $49.50...Now only $39.  
Oldies on CD Oldies and Hit Music Libraries! Hit music on CD
For complete track listings, just click on the underlined phrases! For Radio Broadcast ONLY!!!
The 7Drive - 544 hit songs from 1970-1979 in uncompressed .wav files on a 32G flash drive. $299 with free shipping in the U.S. Same quality as CD, but with embedded "cart chunk" metadata listing artist, title, length, etc. 
The 8Drive - 1012 Hit songs from 1980-1995 in uncompressed .wav files with metadata on a 64G flash drive Same quality as CD, but with embedded "cart chunk" metadata listing artist, title, length, etc.  $299
4,300 hits on Hard Drive from 1955 through 1999.  $495.   M-peg layer 2 files
Rock 'n Roll GraffitiTM - 1,229 songs from the '50s and '60s on 50 audio compact discs.  $499
The SeventiesTM - 545 songs on 30 audio CDs.  $299.
The Eighties PLUSTM - 1,012 songs from 1980-1995 on 58 audio CDs. $499.
Kickin' Country HitsTM - 817 songs on 39 audio CDs.  $299.  
Christmas Deluxe - 635 Christmas Songs from 1942 to 2014, from Bing to Buble.  Uncompressed .wav files on a flash drive for $399. From Radio Deluxe.
For the complete track listings and online demos, just click on the underlined titles above. Our oldies and hit music libraries are offered For Radio Broadcast ONLY!!! You must be a government licensed broadcast station. All other products are available to anyone for commercial or private use.
Written Comedy & Career Enhancement Materials, Etc.
Dear DJ - Written comedy material that launched our company! A parody of Dear Abby. 150 scripts for only $49. Sent via email. 
Slightly Irregular News & Brought To You By... - Written News parody and Fake Show Sponsors. Starting at $15!
Silly Show Sponsors on CD -  250 great recorded drop-in lines written by Dan O'Day and voiced by Gary Owens - $99.
Marketing to Radio? - Do you do voice work? Consulting? If there's anything you sell to radio stations, check out the Radio Mall's marketing services!
Interview Cheat Sheets - More than 150 interview questions to fall back on when you need them. Questions for musicians, actors, authors, sports figures, comics, etc. - $15
Astro-Illogicals 100 fake horoscopes. Written by Frances Johnson, my ma! FREE if you print out your own copy!

You can click here to E-mail us. email us image

All of these products are offered as a buy-out with no additional license fees or needle-drop charges.

60-day money-back guarantee on EVERY CD we sell!

About us: Radio Mall has been in business since 1985. We've sold products to more than 7,800 radio stations worldwide, as well as TV stations, audio-video producers and cable operators. We started off as "Ghostwriters" because our original product line was written radio comedy material. If you're unfamiliar with us and would like references, we can probably provide them within your area code. We seek out products that we feel are of value to broadcast and production professionals. If you have a finished product that you'd like to market to radio stations, please get in touch with us. If you're looking for a product that you don't see here, please E-mail us. If we don't sell it, we probably know who does. Thanks for taking the time to look over our page. I hope we can be of service to you.

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